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Affiliate faculty positions provide a means for suitably qualified and approved instructors to deliver PHECC approved courses via a quality assured Recognised Institution. DX2 Training Solutions (the RI) shall welcome applications from suitably qualified persons to deliver named PHECC approved courses.

Courses available for affiliate faculty

  1. Cardiac first response community
  2. Cardiac first response advanced
  3. First aid response
  4. Emergency first response

Eligibility & Qualifications

Normally a prospective Affiliate faculty appointee holds a PHECC recognised instructor certificate for the programme he/she wishes to deliver.

In general, all of the following criteria will be used to judge suitability for an Affiliate appointment:

  1. Evidence of current instructor certificate
  2. Signed deceleration of conformity to affiliate faculty guidelines
  3. Submitted Evidence of PI & PL Insurance.
  4. Verification of equipment required to deliver named PHECC courses to the satisfaction of the RI
  5. Training delivery monitoring session by DX2 faculty
  6. Attendance at DX2 QA for affiliate faculty workshop.

Particular programs or Faculties may establish additional criteria.

Privileges of Affiliate Faculty Status

The general privileges associated with holding an Affiliate faculty appointment may include:

  • Eligibility to deliver PHECC approved programmes to students via the DX2 QA agreement.
  • Access to our paperless smart administration system, meaning no wasted time on course administration.
  • Access to the RI Library resources and faculty members;
  • Access to DX2 suppliers for equipment and resources;
  • Access to certification for named PHECC courses
  • Access to instructor recertification programme*

Application Procedure

  1. Review Affiliate faculty application guidelines above before clicking on the application form.
  2. Prior to nomination, the candidate shall normally consult the Director of Training at DX2 in order to ensure that all expectations and responsibilities are adequately understood.
  3. Full completion of DX2 affiliate faculty application form (link above)All nominations should be supported by a reasoned report outlining the rationale for application within a letter of intent and a recent CV from the candidate. (you can upload this to the form)
  4. The following documents should be submitted with the application
    1. Copy of instructor certificate(s) for Named PHECC Courses
    2. Evidence of public liability and professional indemnity insurance
    3. Suitable reference – from PHECC practitioner/instructor or RI
  5. The selection committee shall make a recommendation on each application. Recommendations shall include any stipulations or explicit expectations that the committee wishes to be included with the letter of appointment.
  6. The Director of Training shall forward a recommendation to the Managing Director along with the recommendation.
  7. If approved, the appointment will be made by the Managing Director.The appointment letter shall include any stipulations or explicit expectations that the committee included in its recommendation.
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