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  • About this course

    Patient handling Instructor training is intended for Manual Handling Instructors who wish to deliver Patient Handling courses within their organisation.

    The aim of this QQI Level 6 Patient Handling Instructor course is to provide participants with the skill, knowledge  and competence to design, deliver and assess patient moving and handling training within their organisation.

  • Course Duration

    The duration of this course is 3 days Full Time.

  • Course Modules

    Risk Assessing Handling Tasks
    People Handling Principles and Techniques
    Planning and Design of People Handling Training Programmes
    Delivery of People Handling Training

  • Certification

    Upon successful completion of this course learners will receive a QQI Level 6 certificate component certificate-Patient Handling Instruction 6N0234.

  • What’s Included

    QQI certificate


    Instructor Resources

  • Assessment

    Learners will be required to undertake a written and practical examination.

  • QQI Learner Information

    QQI Information for Learners:

    DX2 Training Solutions provides the following programmes that lead to Certification by Ireland’s national awarding body for further education – QQI (Quality & Qualifications Ireland).

    Occupational First Aid
    Manual Handling Instruction
    People Handling Instruction
    Course Materials:

    Each learner will receive a comprehensive set of course notes and will be provided with all additional course materials specific to their programme of study.

    Learner Assessment Information

    It is the responsibility of the Learner to complete the relevant assessment as per the guidelines provided. Learners will be provided with assessment information and schedule at the beginning of each programme.

    Once learner evidence is submitted to DX2 Training Solutions it will be marked and graded in accordance with the standards for the award and in line with DX2 Training Solutions’ Quality Assurance agreement with QQI.

    Assessment malpractice

    DX2 Training Solutions will investigate any form of assessment malpractice which could impact on the validity of the assessment.

    Learners must sign that work submitted by them is their own work. If any evidence of plagiarism/assessment dishonesty is found, it will result in the disqualification of the learner.

    Reasonable accommodation

    DX2 Training Solutions provide reasonable accommodation to meet the needs of a learner who has additional needs that may prevent them completing an assessment in its original form. DX2 Training Solutions in specific circumstances will adapt assessment to remove possible barriers preventing a learner achievement of the award without altering the standard of the award.

    The adaptation will amend the elements of the assessment technique or instrument which prevent a learner’s participation in the assessment. It will be used where the particular assessment technique(s) or instruments disadvantages the learner in assessment.

    Learner appeals

    DX2 Training Solutions has put in place an Appeals Process. This process will enable the learner to appeal the assessment result.

    Only approved results can be formally appealed by the learner. DX2 Training Solutions will inform the Learner of their approved result.

    Learners must inform DX2 Training Solutions of their intention to appeal within two weeks of receiving their approved result using the designated appeals form provided.

    The appeals procedure will involve a review of the Assessment Process for the specific learner concerned; including where appropriate the review of learner evidence and the assessment results. The examiner who evaluates a learner appeal will not be the examiner who made the original assessment decision.

    The learner evidence reviewed at the appeal is the original evidence submitted by the learner, no amendments of new evidence will be taken into consideration during the appeals process.

    The learner will be informed of the outcome of the Appeals Process within an agreed timescale.

    Following the completion of the Appeal Process, the results for the learner(s) concerned will be forwarded to QQI as the final result and certificates will be issued to reflect the submitted result.

    QQI Assessment Periods

    DX2 Training Solutions results are submitted to QQI at the following Assessment Periods February, April, June, August and October.

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Our Person Handling Instructors

Dan Davern, Dan Davern

Dan Davern

Lead Instructor
+353 1 4427650

Dan is a qualified paramedic with a diploma in Emergency medical technology from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and a graduate diploma in emergency medical science from UCD. Along with Dan’s many years of clinical practice he also holds a Cardiac First Responder Advanced Instructor certificate and a diploma in continuing education and training from NUIM.

Troy Taylor DX2 Training Solutions

Troy Taylor

+353 1 4427650

Troy is a qualified paramedic with a diploma in Emergency medical technology from Northeastern University USA. Along with Troy’s many years of clinical practice he also holds a Cardiac First Responder Advanced Instructor certificate.