DX2 is currently recruiting for suitably qualified person to join our faculty team on a part time basis at our Waterford Location.
DX2 Faculty Member – Job Description
Directly responsible to: Director of Training & Quality Assurance
1. Liaison and co-operation
The Faculty member will work in liaison contact and co-operation with:
• Director of Training & Quality Assurance,
• Office Manager
• DX2 Appointed Committees
• other members of staff,
• The PHECC facilitators @ DX2 Training Solutions
• organizations and networks relevant to the Faculty members specialism
• Learners
2.  Duties and Responsibilities
The professional instruction and other duties require that:
1. The Faculty member shall give tuition in the subject matter of the syllabus/module content to the satisfaction of the Director of Training and in accordance with the education and training standards.
2. To prepare courses, schemes of work, assessment tools and individual lessons appropriate to the needs, interests, experience and existing knowledge of the learners.
3. Faculty members are expected to arrive at a reasonable time before the commencement of the class, so as to enable the class to start at the scheduled hour. They shall record their attendance by whatever system is prescribed. Any Faculty member who comes late shall be liable to forfeit all or part of his/her remuneration. The same rule will apply to early departures.
4. In addition to the work in class, the Faculty member is required to fulfil such other duties incidental to the proper management of and the evaluation/assessment of the progress of his/her class as may from time to time be required.
5. To mark and assess Learners work and to record their development progress and attainment both in class and elsewhere.
6. To carry out all assessments and evaluations appropriate to delivering each module
7. To take part in the programme planning process of policy and aims and in the revision formulation of guidelines.
8. To keep up to date with current educational thinking and practice both by study and attendance at Courses, Workshops and meetings.
9. To be responsible for the property of equipment of DX2 Training Solutions, at any time, and to supervise the packing or unpacking of that equipment while it is being transported from one center to another.
In addition to the foregoing the Faculty member will be expected to:
• Ensure all communications with learners are appropriate.
• Encourage learners and give praise as appropriate.
• Treat each learner with respect.
• Offer constructive guidance sensitively with regard to further progression and development.
• Listen to and respect concerns which learners may have with regard to their progress.
• Familiarise themselves with the extensive work of DX2 Training Solutions
DX2 Training Solutions Faculty member – Person Specification
Essential: Minimum requirements as specified by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council Education and Training Standards for delivery of programmes offered by DX2 Training Solutions. This Includes but is not limited to:
• Cardiac First Response Community
• Cardiac First Response Advanced
• Cardiac First Response Community Instructor
• Cardiac First Response Advanced Instructor
• Cardiac First Response and Medications for Listed Organisations
• First Aid Response
• Emergency First Response
• Emergency Medical Technician
Practitioner on the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council Register
Desirable: PHECC Educational Award Holder at Assistant Tutor or Tutor, Manual and Person Handling Instructor
Personal Attributes: 
Essential: Ability to communicate both orally and in writing. attention to detail. Good interpersonal skills. Ability to empathise with learners. IT Skills.
Desirable: Excellent class management skills, Excellent mentoring skills, Qualification in Education & Training
Salary: Neog
Desirable: Programme development experience

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DX2 is currently recruiting for suitably qualified person to join our faculty team on a part time basis at our Waterford Location. DX2 Faculty Member – Job Description Directly responsible...