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We speak to many of our new clients on how they came to choose DX2 Training Solutions as their training provider, for the most part they come to this decision based on a recommendation or through a web based search for the specific training they required at the time.

As training is such an important part of compliance and competence selecting an appropriate training provider is a such an important decision for HR or Training and Development managers. But how can you be sure of quality and standards?

When selecting training providers it is appropriate to seek evidence of quality assurance. In our training space (Health, Safety, Welfare and compliance) training requirements are often certified or accredited by an independent body, such as The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) or Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). Each of these statutory bodies have a searchable list of recognised institutions or approved providers on their website. It is advisable to search for your provider using the links below to ensure quality assurance arrangements are in place with these bodies. Only recognised or approved providers will be listed.

Search The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council Recognised Institutions HERE

Search Quality and Qualifications Ireland Providers HERE

Should you be satisfied that your provider is “approved” by one or both of these bodies, next it is important to investigate how well your provider is performing or meeting standards with these bodies. Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council publish Quality standards review on-site reports for all its recognised institutions while Quality and Qualifications Ireland will be publishing quality assurance reviews and reports in 2017. You should review these reports for your selected training provider.

These reports can be viewed HERE

The next consideration is the trainers delivering, how qualified are they? All good providers will include their team with qualifications on their website and should inform you of the team member who will deliver your training. Should this not be the case it is advisable to request evidence of qualification or competence for the trainer delivering your training.

Selecting an approved training provider offers you peace of mind that your training will be delivered to a quality assured standard, appropriately certified and most importantly compliant for both statutory and insurance requirements.

For more information on selecting an approved provider or what training requires certification from a statutory body, please contact a member of the team here at DX2 Training Solutions.

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