October 14, 2023 9:30 am — December 10, 2023 5:00 pm
DX2 Training Solutions Dublin, Unit 21 Seatown Business Campus, Swords, Co Dublin, Ireland
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Polaris Medical

  • About this course

    The FutureQuals Level 4 Diploma for Associate Ambulance Practitioners (AAP™) will help support learners continual professional development. Learners will gain knowledge of the underlying concepts and associated principles within their area of study, including the ability to evaluate and interpret these. They will assess, treat and manage service users (reducing the need for hospital admission), either referring users to alternative care provision or safely discharging them on scene.

    This qualification is nationally recognised by the NHS Ambulance Trusts and Private Ambulance Service providers and has been designed with a focus on the key skills and knowledge for the learner who is wanting to qualify as an associate ambulance practitioner.

    This qualification is Category F on the FPHC PHEM Skills Framework:

    EMT Training Dublin EMT Training Cork EMT Training Limerick EMT Training Galway EMT Training Donegal EMT Training Tipperary EMT Training Kilkenny EMT Training Waterford EMT Training Cavan

  • Entry Criteria

    There are two routes of access to this Programme:

    Route 1 – PHECC Registered Paramedic Bridging Route

    PHECC Registered Paramedics can apply for RPL granting them direct access to the bridging route.

    Route 2 – PHECC EMT & Diploma Level 3 Entrant

    New Entrants can access the Level 4 Diploma in conjunction with the DX2 Dual Qualification Course or by completing the Dx2 Level 3 Diploma in Ambulance Emergency and Urgent Care Support Programme

    The Standard Entry Criteria for the programme regardless of route is as follows:

    1. The recommended minimum age for entry is eighteen.
    2.  Certification in CFR Advanced
    3. All course participants should be mature enough to comprehend the knowledge, skills and implications associated with defibrillation and have a maturity to complete assessment to receive certification.
    4. This course is delivered in English as such an acceptable level of English to assimilate and relay the information in the course is required. For further information see our English Language policy
    5. An application interview and clinical assessment is conducted for each prospective student
  • Course Duration

    As there are two routes the timelines for each route are outlined below.

    Bridging route PHECC Paramedic:

    This route shall be delivered over four weekend days (9.00-5pm) ) with an additional hybrid learning package to be completed. The total qualification time for this programme is 480 Hours.

    Direct Entry Route:

    PHECC EMT & DX2 FutureQuals Level 3 Diploma in Ambulance emergency and urgent care support award holders

    This route shall be delivered over ten weekend days (9.00-5pm) ) with an additional hybrid learning package to be completed.

    750 hours of PAID frontline ambulance placements with our partners Polaris Medical (subject to meeting the requirements for employment)

    2 Weeks of Hospital and other healthcare Placements in a selection of settings

    The total qualification time for this programme is 1520 Hours inclusive.

  • Course Dates

    N.B you must have completed Level 3 Diploma in Ambulance Emergency & Urgent Care Support

    The course is hybrid delivery model with a suite of guided digital learning and self directed online learning.

    We also have classroom guided learning hours which will take place on the following dates:

    14th, 15th, 28th and 29th October 23

    11th, 12th, 25th and 26th November 23

    09th and 10th December 23

  • Course Modules

    Learning Outcomes for the Level 4 Diploma for Associate Ambulance Practitioners can be found in the competent specification here:

    UK Level 4 AAP

    page10image385720528 page10image385720832page10image385721136 page10image385721440 page10image385721744
  • Certification

    Successful candidates will obtain the FutureQuals Level 4 Diploma for associate ambulance practitioners.

    Successful candidates may be eligible to have their qualification received overseas recognised in Ireland. This is done directly with the pre-hospital emergency care council and further information on this process can be found here


  • Assessment

    Method of assessment: Portfolio of Evidence. This qualification is internally assessed and internally quality assured by Centre staff and externally quality assured by FutureQuals External Quality Advisors (EQAs).

    If the method of assessment includes formative assessments such as practical tasks, written questions, multiple choice/short answer and knowledge assessment tasks where supervision of a learner assessment is required, assessment must be undertaken in line with the requirements set on in the FutureQuals Instructions for Conducting Controlled Assessments Policy. This document is published on the Policies and Procedures section of the FutureQuals website.

    Grading: There is no specific grading criteria for this qualification.

    Full information is available in the examination handbook available on this page.

  • What’s Included

    Direct Entry Students Will Receive:

    Comprehensive suite of Text Books

    18 Month Access to DX2 Institute of Pre-Hospital Education Electronic Learning Management System

    Paid Frontline Ambulance Placements with Polaris Medical

    Clinical Placements

    Online Live Tutorials

    Students will also have access to the following programmes

    NAEMT Advanced medical life support, NAEMT AMLSNAEMT Pre-Hospital trauma life support, NAEMT PHTLSNAEMT GEMS. Geriatric EMSNAEMT Emergency Paediatric Care, NAEMT EPC,The Difficulty airway course

  • Additional Information

    Our Partners Polaris Medical are dedicated to providing the very highest standards of medical protection. Polaris Medical are currently the only Private Ambulance service in the UK to receive an “outstanding” award for its services from the heath regulator, the Care Quality Commission. Polaris currently have 15 accessible bases across the UK making travel very straight forward from Ireland. UK induction/familiarisation programmes and requirements of employment will be conducted locally at DX2 making transition to work easy. Check out the Polaris Website for more information on their services.

    Students undertaking clinical placement on an ambulance must be covered for the standard health vaccinations particularly Hep B. Evidence of cover will be required from each student prior to undertaking clinical placements. If no cover currently exists, DX2 shall assist the EMT student with vaccinations required.

    All Entrant Routes: Flexible payment options available and finance is available through our finance partner Flexifi with repayments as little as €100 per month. contact a member of the team for more information or find out more about buy now pay later below.


  • Progression Opportunities

    Successful participants will also have access to DX2 Practitioner programmes such as Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS), Emergency Paediatric Care (EPC) and Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS).

    The FAQ Level 4 Diploma for Associate Ambulance Practitioners has been specifically designed to support progression to Higher Education Professional Health Programme. This would allow progression to, for example:

    • BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science
    • BSc (Hons) Paramedic Practice
    • QA Level 6 Diploma in Paramedic Practice

  • Learner Supports

    DX2 Training Solutions is committed to providing equal access to all learners regardless of their gender, marital status, family status, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic/national origins or membership of the travelling community. We are committed to ensuring that the learning environment is as inclusive and as accessible as possible.

    We have developed an overview of the supports available to learners while studying at our institution. Should you require learner supports please indicate this on your learner registration from in the supports section or by contacting our administration team.

    Computer literacy– A dedicated “familiarisation” session is available to students as part of their programme to assist with basic computer skills required for their programme.

    Availability of Technology – DX2 provides an “IT loan” system which allows students the ability to borrow laptops or tablets with internet access, subject to availability and loan criteria.

    Literacy- Under certain circumstances for programmes we have the ability to facilitate oral examinations where a literacy issue has been identified.

    Language – We have some of our course books available in different languages and can provide these on request, in addition the translate app may be used on DX2 tablet devices for specific language difficulties.

    Impaired mobility- where a learner meets the entry criteria for programmes the assignment of accessible training room and ground level toilet facilities will be ensured.

    Mental Health- DX2 provides access to CISM trained staff for students who require this level of assistance. In addition where possible, assessments etc will be structured singularly or at a time suiting to the students’ needs e.g. Completing the assessment first/last.

    Sensory disability – Microphones are available to enhance audio for learners, we also utilise the ‘Hand Talk’ application to translate instructor speech to ASL using a virtual avatar on screen on a tablet provided to learner.

    Mentorship – Learner groups are assigned a Programme Director who will fulfil the role of mentor for the learner group, advising, supporting and providing one to support where necessary. Programmes of a longer duration may have an additional learner mentor assigned. In addition certain programmes will include 1:1 meetings between learner and mentor to support the learning.

    Physical Library – A library of hardcopy books is available to learners onsite who would like to engage in further reading or study. Subject to library loan criteria.

    Virtual Library/Resources –  A suite of virtual support materials is available to students, specific to their programme of study including virtual textbooks, video tutorial supports, interactive quizzes and other virtual supports. These supports are accessible from the programme Moodle or teams platform specific to the programme of study.

    Technical Support – Technical support to cover IT platform issues or challenges is available to learners for the duration of their programme. Specific information regarding IT supports will be provided on programme induction.

    Intellectual disability – we welcome learners of all abilities provided the course prerequisites are achieved. We provide support to learners with known intellectual disability including adapted notes (coloured paper or visual), earphones to control volume, additional breaks where required, video supports created to support the learner, 1:1 tutorials and other specific supports for individual learners identified by need.

    Religious – We have provided a space for use as prayer room

    Breastfeeding mothers – we have provided a quiet space for breastfeeding mothers to express.

    Financial/monetary: Approved provider with SOLAS/INTRO to deliver training for DSP funded candidates. Learner loan scheme available through a provider flexifi with flexible payment terms and rates. Flexible payment plans individualised for each programme.

  • Fees

    DX2 Qualified EMT & UK Level 3 Diploma Entrant:


    Non DX2 EMT & DX2 UK Level 3 Diploma Entrant:


Our Faculty Members

Shaun Oliphant BSc DipHE NQEMT AP MCPara

Programme Manager
+353 1 4427650

Shaun was appointed to faculty with DX2 Training solutions in 2021 and became programme manager for UK programmes in 2022. He currently holds a Bsc (Hons) and a DipHE from Birmingham City University giving him Advanced Paramedic status in Ireland and HCPC Paramedic status in the UK. Shaun has worked in EMS in several areas such as emergency departments, minor injury units, forensics, education, UK and Irish ambulance services. He holds education and training awards from the UK whilst and an educational award at Tutor level from PHECC. He is an active volunteer member of Waterford County Civil Defence, as a team leader medic and educator.

Dan Davern, Dan Davern

Dan Davern MSc BSc GDip NQEMT AP MCPara

Managing Director & Tutor
+353 1 4427650

Dan is Managing Director here at DX2. While his main responsibility is the oversight of our organisation he is also dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients, the delivery of our training programmes and business development. Dan currently holds a BSc in Analytical Science, Msc in Fire & Explosive Engineering, Dip in Continuing Education and Training, Dip in sports Psychology, Dip in Emergency Medical Technology, GDip in Emergency medical science giving him Advanced Paramedic status on the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council Register, Msc in Emergency medical science from UCD and numerous other qualifications which can be seen on his Linkedin profile. Dan is also an emergency medical educator at The Graduate Entry Medical School at University of Limerick and holds a PHECC educational award at Tutor Level.

Terry Dore DX2 Training Solutions

Terry Dore MSc BSc GDip NQEMT AP MCPara

Director Pre-Hospital Education
+353 1 4427650

Terry has been on faculty with DX2 Training Solutions since 2010 and currently serves as Director of Pre-Hospital Education. He currently holds a Dip in Emergency Medical Technology from Royal College of Surgeons, a GDip in Emergency Medical Science from UCD giving him Advanced Paramedic status here in Ireland, a BSc in Paramedic studies from University of Limerick, an MSc in Emergency Medical Science form UCD and  a graduate diploma in medical education from RCSI. Terry is a multi disciplined PHECC Facilitator and manages in the delivery of our practitioner education programmes. Terry is registered with the Health Care Professions Council in the UK as a Paramedic in addition to his Irish registration with PHECC at advanced paramedic level. Terry is affiliate faculty for NAEMT, he oversees the delivery of our suite of NAEMT programmes and faculty development in accordance with NAEMT regulations. Terry has been appointed as an assessor of applications for recognition of overseas qualifications by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council and is a facilitator for Critical Incident Stress Management within the EMS sector

Derek Fox MSc GDip NQEMT AP

+353 1 4427650

Derek has been a faculty member with DX2 since 2012, he currently holds a Dip in Emergency Medical Technology from Northeastern University in the USA, a GDip in Emergency Medical Science from UCD giving him Advanced Paramedic status here in Ireland and an Msc in Emergency Medical Science. Derek is a multi disciplined instructor delivering multiple courses across our suite and specialises in the delivery of Paediatric Education for Pre-Hospital professionals and our Emergency First Response course. Derek is currently a Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council Examiner and facilitator.

Dermot Murray DX2 Training Solutions

Dermot Murray GDip Dip NQEMT AP

Faculty Member
+353 1 4427650

Dermot has been on faculty with DX2 Training Solutions since 2010, he currently holds a Dip in Emergency Medical Technology from Northeastern university in the United States, a GDip in Emergency Medical Technology from UCD giving him Advanced Paramedic status here in Ireland and a Dip in continuing education and training from NUIM . Dermot is a multi disciplined instructor delivering multiple courses across our suite. Dermot is also an associate faculty member with University College Dublin, supervising student advanced paramedics during their internship phase.

Liam Rooney BSc GDip NQEMT AP

Faculty Member
+353 1 4427650

Liam has been a faculty member with DX2 Training Solutions since 2017, he currently holds a Dip in Emergency Medical Technology from RCSI, a BSc in paramedic studies from the University of Limerick and a graduate diploma in emergency medical science from UCD giving him Advanced Paramedic status here in Ireland. Liam is a multi disciplined faculty member delivering multiple courses across our suite, Liam specialises in the delivery of Geriatric Education for EMS professionals.

Peter Thorpe MSc BSc NQEMT AP MCPara

+353 1 4427650

Pete has been a faculty member with DX2 Training Solutions since 2018, he currently holds an MSc and BSc in paramedic science giving him Paramedic status here in Ireland and HCPC Paramedic status in the UK. Pete is a multi disciplined faculty member delivering multiple courses across our suite and specialises in the delivery of our practitioner education programmes. Pete is also a faculty member of RCSed and several universities in the UK delivering paramedic education.


October 14 @ 9:30 am
December 10 @ 5:00 pm
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