• About this course

    Paramedics deal with emergency situations and are often the first on the scene of an incident or accident. They can work as part of a rapid response team dealing with a range of situations and this includes ones requiring road or air transport by fixed wing or transport/rescue by helicopter.

    Arguably, Paramedics are involved with a wider range of patients than any other health care professional. This is a role that demands not only an advanced level of autonomous professional and practical knowledge but also highly developed interpersonal skills with the ability to work under pressure.

    The programme is delivered in association with ORMS using University approved tutors at DX2. It is approved by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC UK). It is designed to run part time on a modular basis over 2 years and is integrated with the student’s employment and/or clinical placements taking place in the united kingdom.

  • Entry Criteria

    Entry to the programme is available to PHECC registered EMT’s with appropriate experience.  The Following a minimum entry requirements.

    1. The recommended minimum age for entry is eighteen.
    2.  PHECC Registered EMT
    3. All course participants should be mature enough to comprehend the knowledge, skills and implications associated with defibrillation and have a maturity to complete assessment to receive certification.
    4. This course is delivered in English as such an acceptable level of English to assimilate and relay the information in the course is required. For further information see our English Language policy

    EMT’s must complete a bridging programme to UK technician with DX2 in order to meet the minimum entry requirements for the programme.

    In addition a selection event will take place and will consist of:

    1. An online application form
    2. An Online Theory assessment
    3. An interview
  • Course Duration

    This programme is delivered Part time with Blended learning . It is anticipated student will complete 4 modules per year part time, completing the programme in 2 years

    EMT to UK Technician Bridging:

    This Bridging programme takes 6 weeks to complete with a mixture of online learning and 4 practical contact days at DX2.

    HCPC Paramedic Programme:

    The total duration of the programme is 2 years. 4 modules per year part time. combining online learning, face to face instruction blocks at DX2 and clinical placements on front line ambulances in the UK.


  • Course Modules

    The 8 Modules are split into 3 phases, these include:

    • Preparation: Directed reading & online tasks
    • Attendance: Lectures, Scenario training
    • Consolidation: Directed reading, placement, module assignment

    This programme ensures that the student develops all of the knowledge and skills for Paramedic practice and also concentrates on the following themes:

    • Academic knowledge and skills development.
    • Anatomy, Physiology and Patho-physiology of conditions encountered
    • Clinical practice pertinent to Paramedic practice for the environments encountered
    • Human Factors and Ergonomics in Paramedic practice
    • Operational leadership, command and control
  • Certification

    The Hazardous Environment Medicine – Paramedic.

    Completion of the programme DOES provide you with the eligibility to apply for registration with the HCPC (UK) as a Paramedic.

    Paramedic is a legally protected title in the UK and can only be used by a properly HCPC registered person.

    N.B this is NOT a PHECC programme. Students wishing to apply to PHECC for recognition of qualifications obtained outside Ireland may pursue that avenue, more information on that process is available here

  • Assessment

    Students will be continually assessed throughout the Programme on the knowledge and practical skills acquired.

    Full information is available in the examination induction

  • Clinical Placements

    Students will undertake clinical placements in the following manner:

    750hrs Placement per year with a minimum of

    • 375 hours Front line ambulance placements per year

    Clinical placements will take place in the united kingdom and Ireland with agreed placement providers. All UK placements will take place in London and surrounding areas. Ambulance placements will take place in shifts of 4 days/nights in a row.

    Students will have the ability to undertake PAID ambulance placements with our placement provider, providing they have completed the following:

    • UK Qualification at ECA/Tech level –  Obtained though DX2 Bridging Programme for entry to Paramedic Programme
    • DBS/Vetting Check and associated HR processes
    • UK Driving Licence
    • UK Blue light driving qualification*

    *Our placement provider will support our students in completion of the 4 week UK blue driving qualification, by providing the programme to students with no upfront payment and the ability to pay for the programme over a 12 month period through installments Or though programme finance.

  • Additional Information

    The HCPC is changing the SET1, the requirement will mean that for courses from 1 September 2021 students may only enrol onto a course that results in a BSc with Honours.  However, anyone enrolled on a HEMP diploma level course prior to this date is still eligible to apply for registration at a later date if you have successfully completed the HEMP programme.

    This Programme will stop taking new students in January 2021 & be replaced with a BSc (Hons) degree programme to meet the HCPC standards in place from 2022.

  • Progression Opportunities

    On successful completion of this programme, Students will be eligable to apply to apply to HCPC for paramedic registration, offering them the ability to register on post graduate programmes learning to PGCert PGDip or MSc programmes in pre-hospital emergency care. Qualified paramedics may also apply to suitable providers for completion of a BSc Paramedic top up qualification.

  • Fees

    Finance is available through our finance partner Flexifi for students with monthly repayments from €450 per month over 3 years, this can be offset with paid ambulance placements with our placement provider offering students the ability to earn while they learn and spread the cost.

    fees include:

    1. DX2 Bridging programme
    2. Paramedic programme
    3. futurequals blue light driving programme

    students holding qualification 1 and/or 3 can avail of fees reduction accordingly.

    Find out more about finance by clicking below


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Our HCPC Paramedic Faculty Members

Dan Davern, Dan Davern

Dan Davern MSc BSc GDip NQEMT AP MCPara

Faculty Member
+353 1 4427650

Dan is Managing Director here at DX2. While his main responsibility is the oversight of our organisation he is also dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients, the delivery of our training programmes and business development. Dan currently holds a BSc in Analytical Science, MSc in Emergency Medical Science , Dip in Continuing Education and Training, Dip in Emergency Medical Technology, GDip in Emergency medical science giving him Advanced Paramedic status on the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council Register and is a HCPC Registered Paramedic among numerous other qualifications which can be seen on his Linkedin profile. Dan is a Member of the college of paramedics UK and serves as a liaison officer in Ireland for the college.

Dan also holds a PHECC educational award at Tutor Level and is a PHECC Examiner.

Terry Dore DX2 Training Solutions

Terry Dore MSc BSc GDip NQEMT AP MCPara

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Terry has been on faculty with DX2 since 2010, he currently holds a Dip in Emergency Medical Technology from Royal College of Surgeons, a GDip in Emergency Medical Science from UCD giving him Advanced Paramedic status here in Ireland and HCPC Paramedic registration in UK, a BSc in Paramedics studies from University of Limerick, an MSc in Emergency Medical Science form UCD and a graduate diploma in emergency medical education at RCSI. Terry is a multi disciplined Facilitator delivering multiple courses across our suite and specialises in the delivery of practitioner education programmes. Terry is also director of pre-hospital education at DX2 Institute of Pre-Hospital Education.

Peter Thorpe MSc BSc NQEMT AP MCPara

Faculty Member
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Pete has been a faculty member with DX2 Training Solutions since 2018, he currently holds an MSc and BSc in paramedic science giving him Advanced Paramedic status here in Ireland and HCPC Paramedic status in the UK. Pete is a multi disciplined faculty member delivering practitioner programmes. Pete is also a faculty member of RCSed and several universities in the UK delivering paramedic education.

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Michelle Colclough – Qualified EMT
Absolutely top class educators. The course content is second to none. Learning from the best while having a laugh!! Well worth going with Dx2 for any course!!
Aaron Sheridan – Qualified EMT
Fantastic training facility with expert educators who have real life experience and fantastic training skills. I would highly recommend DX2.