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  • About this course

    The purpose of the Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving is to provide the learner with the skills, knowledge and understanding required to drive and manoeuvre ambulance vehicles under both routine and emergency response conditions.

    This is the same qualification that is currently delivered by Ambulance Trusts across the UK and is a requirement if you wish to work in a frontline emergency role. It is only one of the components required if you wish to apply directly to an ambulance service trust, you will also require an appropriate clinical qualification (see the Level 4 Diploma for Associate Ambulance Practitioners).

    Learners must choose one of the pathways, based on the vehicle that all learning and assessment will take place in.

    Qualification Pathways
    Pathway 1  CERADL3P1  Class 3 Ambulance   Vehicles  Ambulance (medium) vehicles with 4 or more wheels and a gross vehicle weight exceeding 3500kg, but not exceeding 7500kg
    Pathway 2 CERADL3P2  Class 2 Ambulance   Vehicles  Ambulance (light) vehicles with 4 or more wheels and a gross vehicle weight of at least 3250kg, but not exceeding 3500kg

    EMT Training Dublin EMT Training Cork EMT Training Limerick EMT Training Galway EMT Training Donegal EMT Training Tipperary EMT Training Kilkenny EMT Training Waterford EMT Training Cavan

  • Entry Criteria

    Learners must:

    • be 18 years of age (or older) on the first day of teaching
    • possess the right values, behaviours and attributes appropriate to the role.
    • not have any outstanding court cases, prosecutions or pending disciplinary action in any areas being brought against them
    • Have a contract with either an NHS ambulance service or voluntary or private ambulance provider that is CQC registered and contracted to provide emergency ambulance provision for the NHS ambulance services. For devolved nations, this will be the CQC equivalent ambulance service, if applicable
    • hold a valid driving license for the class of vehicle being driven for the full duration of the qualification.

    There are no formal qualification entry requirements that Learners must complete prior to completing the qualification. Learners will, however, need to have minimum core skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT to successfully complete the qualification. Initial assessment of minimum core skills may be carried out for all Learners commencing the qualification

  • Course Duration

    The Programme has a minimum of 15 contact sessions delivered over the scheduled period.

  • Course Modules

    Learning Outcomes for the Level 3 Diploma in addition to the PHECC EMT Standard Include:

    • Principles of Ambulance Patient Care in emergency and urgent settings
    • Support the clinician in the management of surgical and medical conditions in the emergency and urgent care setting
    • Support the Senior Clinician with Cannulation, Intraosseous, Infusion and Advanced Airway Management in the Emergency and Urgent Care Setting

      Support the senior clinician in the administration of medication in the emergency and urgent care setting

      Bereavement and end of life care in the emergency and urgent care setting

      Vehicle Familiarisation

      Support the clinician in the management of hostile & major incidents in the emergency and urgent care setting

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  • Certification

    Successful candidates will receive a Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving (RQF)


  • Assessment

    The following assessment methods and materials, developed by FutureQuals, must be used for assessment of the FAQ Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Reesponse Ambulance Driving (RQF) qualification.

    • FAQ Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving (RQF) Evidence Log
    • FAQ Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving (RQF) Learner Work Product Document
    • Component 1 MCQ Assessment 1 – Ambulance Driving Principles: Traffic Signs, Signals and Markings (XAMS)
    • Component 1 MCQ Assessment 2 – Ambulance Driving Principles: Legislation, Roadcraft and The Highway Code (XAMS)

    Both the learning and the mandatory assessments for Component 1 must be completed and passed before proceeding on to the high-speed driving learning outcomes of Component 2/3/4 (Depending on pathway choice)

    All evidence produced by the Learner must be their own.

  • What’s Included

    Comprehensive suite of Support Materials

    Digital Portfolio

    Vehicle (During course)

    Fuel (During Course)


    Online Live Tutorials

  • Additional Information

    This course is delivered by our approved partners SCTNI in Northern Ireland and Polaris Medical in UK. DX2 Training Solutions does not deliver or certify this programme. 

    All Entrant Routes: Flexible payment options available and finance is available through our finance partner Flexifi with repayments as little as €100 per month. contact a member of the team for more information or find out more about buy now pay later below.


  • Requalification Requirement

    Learners are not required to requalify, however best practice guidelines highlight regular training and assessment of emergency response drivers.

    Once awarded, the FAQ Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving (RQF) certificate does not expire. However, it is a CPD requirement of the qualification that Learners must complete refresher training in line with government guidance, in order to continue in a role involving emergency response ambulance vehicle driving. Attainment and evidencing of CPD is the responsibility of the Learner and their employer. Evidence of CPD does not need to be provided to FutureQuals, unless requested.

    Have a look at our Driver Competency Review for more information for professional drivers requiring evidence, or continual professional development (CPD) to show professional progression and training in order to keep or verify your driving skills

  • Learner Supports

    DX2 Training Solutions is committed to providing equal access to all learners regardless of their gender, marital status, family status, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic/national origins or membership of the travelling community. We are committed to ensuring that the learning environment is as inclusive and as accessible as possible.

    We have developed an overview of the supports available to learners while studying at our institution. Should you require learner supports please indicate this on your learner registration from in the supports section or by contacting our administration team.

    Computer literacy– A dedicated “familiarisation” session is available to students as part of their programme to assist with basic computer skills required for their programme.

    Availability of Technology – DX2 provides an “IT loan” system which allows students the ability to borrow laptops or tablets with internet access, subject to availability and loan criteria.

    Literacy- Under certain circumstances for programmes we have the ability to facilitate oral examinations where a literacy issue has been identified.

    Language – We have some of our course books available in different languages and can provide these on request, in addition the translate app may be used on DX2 tablet devices for specific language difficulties.

    Impaired mobility- where a learner meets the entry criteria for programmes the assignment of accessible training room and ground level toilet facilities will be ensured.

    Mental Health- DX2 provides access to CISM trained staff for students who require this level of assistance. In addition where possible, assessments etc will be structured singularly or at a time suiting to the students’ needs e.g. Completing the assessment first/last.

    Sensory disability – Microphones are available to enhance audio for learners, we also utilise the ‘Hand Talk’ application to translate instructor speech to ASL using a virtual avatar on screen on a tablet provided to learner.

    Mentorship – Learner groups are assigned a Programme Director who will fulfil the role of mentor for the learner group, advising, supporting and providing one to support where necessary. Programmes of a longer duration may have an additional learner mentor assigned. In addition certain programmes will include 1:1 meetings between learner and mentor to support the learning.

    Physical Library – A library of hardcopy books is available to learners onsite who would like to engage in further reading or study. Subject to library loan criteria.

    Virtual Library/Resources –  A suite of virtual support materials is available to students, specific to their programme of study including virtual textbooks, video tutorial supports, interactive quizzes and other virtual supports. These supports are accessible from the programme Moodle or teams platform specific to the programme of study.

    Technical Support – Technical support to cover IT platform issues or challenges is available to learners for the duration of their programme. Specific information regarding IT supports will be provided on programme induction.

    Intellectual disability – we welcome learners of all abilities provided the course prerequisites are achieved. We provide support to learners with known intellectual disability including adapted notes (coloured paper or visual), earphones to control volume, additional breaks where required, video supports created to support the learner, 1:1 tutorials and other specific supports for individual learners identified by need.

    Religious – We have provided a space for use as prayer room

    Breastfeeding mothers – we have provided a quiet space for breastfeeding mothers to express.

    Financial/monetary: Approved provider with SOLAS/INTRO to deliver training for DSP funded candidates. Learner loan scheme available through a provider flexifi with flexible payment terms and rates. Flexible payment plans individualised for each programme.

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