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  • About this course

    This QQI level 6 special purpose award has replaced the FETAC “train the trainer” qualification. The full award consists of two component awards which can be undertaken as stand alone awards or combined to achieve the full special purpose award.

  • Programme Overview

    The aim of this 7 day training and development award is to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to design, develop, deliver and evaluate training programmes. The programme is aimed at those who are currently involved or have an interest in Training and Development and wish to obtain a formal qualification.

    Stand alone component awards:

    1. Training Needs Identification and Design 6N3325
    2. Training Delivery and Evaluation 6N3326
  • Course Modules

    • Two Day Instructional Methods Course
    • Three Training Delivery Monitoring Sessions for CFR
  • Certification

    Upon successful completion of this course participants will receive a PHECC recognised CFR-Instructor certificate which is valid for 2 years.

  • Statistics

    Ireland has high rate of death from cardiac related issues, 1 in 5 of all deaths 5,000 people per year die from Sudden cardiac death in Ireland 14 deaths per day from Sudden cardiac death Death can often be prevented if CPR is started immediately Immediate CPR prevents permanent damage to the brain and heart Survival rates decline by 10% every minute in cardiac arrest without defibrillation If Defibrillation is commenced within 5minutes survival rates are 50% or higher If Defibrillation is commenced within 10minutes survival rates are 0-10%

  • Assessment

    Supervised teaching practice

  • Learner Supports Available

    DX2 Training Solutions is committed to providing equal access to all learners regardless of their gender, marital status, family status, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic/national origins or membership of the travelling community. We are committed to ensuring that the learning environment is as inclusive and as accessible as possible.

    We have developed an overview of the supports available to learners while studying at our institution. Should you require learner supports please indicate this on your learner registration from in the supports section or by contacting our administration team.

    Computer literacy– A dedicated “familiarisation” session is available to students as part of their programme to assist with basic computer skills required for their programme.

    Availability of Technology – DX2 provides an “IT loan” system which allows students the ability to borrow laptops or tablets with internet access, subject to availability and loan criteria.

    Literacy- Under certain circumstances for programmes we have the ability to facilitate oral examinations where a literacy issue has been identified.

    Language – We have some of our course books available in different languages and can provide these on request, in addition the translate app may be used on DX2 tablet devices for specific language difficulties.

    Impaired mobility- where a learner meets the entry criteria for programmes the assignment of accessible training room and ground level toilet facilities will be ensured.

    Mental Health- DX2 provides access to CISM trained staff for students who require this level of assistance. In addition where possible, assessments etc will be structured singularly or at a time suiting to the students’ needs e.g. Completing the assessment first/last.

    Sensory disability – Microphones are available to enhance audio for learners, we also utilise the ‘Hand Talk’ application to translate instructor speech to ASL using a virtual avatar on screen on a tablet provided to learner.

    Mentorship – Learner groups are assigned a Programme Director who will fulfil the role of mentor for the learner group, advising, supporting and providing one to support where necessary. Programmes of a longer duration may have an additional learner mentor assigned. In addition certain programmes will include 1:1 meetings between learner and mentor to support the learning.

    Physical Library – A library of hardcopy books is available to learners onsite who would like to engage in further reading or study. Subject to library loan criteria.

    Virtual Library/Resources –  A suite of virtual support materials is available to students, specific to their programme of study including virtual textbooks, video tutorial supports, interactive quizzes and other virtual supports. These supports are accessible from the programme Moodle or teams platform specific to the programme of study.

    Technical Support – Technical support to cover IT platform issues or challenges is available to learners for the duration of their programme. Specific information regarding IT supports will be provided on programme induction.

    Intellectual disability – we welcome learners of all abilities provided the course prerequisites are achieved. We provide support to learners with known intellectual disability including adapted notes (coloured paper or visual), earphones to control volume, additional breaks where required, video supports created to support the learner, 1:1 tutorials and other specific supports for individual learners identified by need.

    Religious – We have provided a space for use as prayer room

    Breastfeeding mothers – we have provided a quiet space for breastfeeding mothers to express.

    Financial/monetary: Approved provider with SOLAS/INTRO to deliver training for DSP funded candidates. Learner loan scheme available through a provider flexifi with flexible payment terms and rates. Flexible payment plans individualised for each programme.

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Our Training and Development Instructors

Michelle Davern DX2 Training Solutions

Michelle Davern

Lead Instructor
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As director of training Michelle has more than seven years post graduate experience working within the Adult Education, Training and Disability sectors. Michelle has an excellent understanding of adult education, programme development and delivery across multiple sectors from her experience in the disability, retail and hospitality sectors. Michelle holds a BSc (Hons) in Education and Training from DCU among other awards which can be viewed on her Linkedin profile.

Dan Davern, Dan Davern

Dan Davern

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Dan is a qualified paramedic with a diploma in Emergency medical technology from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and a graduate diploma in emergency medical science from UCD. Along with Dan’s many years of clinical practice he also holds a Cardiac First Responder Advanced Instructor certificate and a diploma in continuing education and training from NUIM.

Dermot Murray DX2 Training Solutions

Dermot Murray

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Dermot is a qualified advanced paramedic with a diploma in Emergency medical technology from Northeastern University and an higher diploma in Emergency medical science from UCD. Along with Dermot’s many years of clinical practice he also holds a Cardiac First Responder Advanced Instructor certificate and a diploma in continuing education and training from NUIM.